BFS and Covid-19


We’re not going to be able to watch movies in the Dipson Amherst this spring, alas.


Theaters are closed, so there won’t be any Tuesday night Buffalo Film Seminars screenings for the rest of this series. Here’s how we’ll be handling the BFS for the remainder of the spring series:


Each week, Diane and I will prepare a Goldenrod Handout, as usual. We’ll send out our usual Monday announcement, with a link to the online version of that week’s Handout. There will also be a link to a video introduction by us of that week’s film.


If you’re not on the Monday announcement list and would like to be added to it, please send send me an email ( with your preferred email address, your name (the UB Listserv requires a name). Put “Add to buffalo film seminars list” in the subject line.


Many of the films are, or will be, available on various streaming services, like Amazon Prime and Hulu. Those of you with UB accounts should be able to access Midnight CowboyKluteMcCabe and Mrs. Miller, and Land of Plenty using the Swank Digital Campus streaming service available through UB Libraries. Here is the portal to begin setting it up: 


Register as a student. Land of Plenty isn’t there yet, but it should be up in a week or two. Once you’re in, click on Swank Digital Campus at the top of the page.


This works with Google Chrome and Firefox. It also works on mobile devices running on iOS and Android—but you should be watching the films on bigger screens than that, if at all possible. Here’s more info:


The other films (King of Comedy, Isle of Dogs, Pain and Glory), are available through streaming services. Here are links to them:


For those of you with season tickets: unused balances can be applied toward next season’s bookings. Or you can just let it ride: these are going to be hard times for independent theaters like Dipson, along with everyone else. 


See you in the fall—we hope!