The Buffalo Film Seminars take place Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. promptly at the Amherst Theatre, 3500 Main Street, in the University Plaza, directly across the street from UB's Main St Campus.

Each week Diane Christian and Bruce Jackson introduce the film, the film is screened, and then have an open discussion with students in a University at Buffalo film class and anyone else who cares to join us.

Tickets for the seminars are adults $9.50, students $7.50, seniors $7.00. Season tickets are available any time at a 15% reduction for the cost of the remaining films. There is ample free parking, with a disabled parking zone close to the theatre.

Handouts with production details, anecdotes and critical comments about each week's film on goldenrod paper are available in the theatre lobby 45 minutes before each session. The Goldenrod handouts are posted online one day before the screening. (All previous handouts are also online.) 

The Buffalo Film Seminars are presented by the Dipson's Amherest Theatre and the University at Buffalo.


Goldenrod handouts

Spring 2019 schedule card (pdf)

Spring 2019 Poster (pdf)

Fall 2018 schedule card (pdf)

Fall 2018 Poster (pdf)

Spring 2018 schedule card (pdf)

Spring 2018 Poster (pdf)

Spring 2017 schedule card (pdf)

Spring 2017 poster (pdf)

Fall 2016 schedule card (pdf)

Fall 2016 poster (pdf)

Spring 2016 poster (pdf)

Fall 2015 schedule (pdf)

Fall 2015 poster (pdf)

Spring 2014 schedule (pdf)

Spring 2015 poster (pdf)

Fall 2014 schedule (pdf)

Spring 2014 poster (pdf)

Fall 2013 Schedule, BFS XXVII (pdf)

Fall 2013 poster (pdf)

Spring 2013 poster (pdf)

Fall 2012 Schedule, BFS XXV

Fall 2012 poster (pdf)

Spring 2012 poster (pdf)

Fall 2011 poster (pdf)

Spring 2011 poster (pdf)

Fall 2010 poster (pdf)

Spring 2010 poster (pdf)

Goldenrod handouts

A History of the Buffalo Film Seminars

All films shown in Buffalo Film Seminars I-XX, 2000-2010,by series, title, title, director & year (PDF)

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Blind Willie Johnson: "Dark was the night, cold was the ground"

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