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Diane Christian, Blood Sacrifice

Reflections on war & murder

Reflections on war and murder. These essays and poems, which first appeared in CounterPunch and Buffalo Report, examine the ethics and rhetoric of George W. Bush's war in Iraq. Some of the titles are "License to Kill," "The Morality of Violence," "Ends, Means, & the Present Tense," and "Evil Acts and Evil Actors."


"I love Diane Christian's forays into the dark forests in quest of truth. She knows how to address issues of violence, superstition, faith, spirit, with such terse delicacy that in just a few score words she can lead us, like those exegetes of old, through meanings literal, allegorical, anagogical, eschatalogical, and leave us wiser and refreshed. Sometimes when I read her she makes me think of Montaigne, and how many people can do that, in these vulgar days?" —Alexander Cockburn

Diane Christian is SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor at University at Buffalo. She is a documentary filmmaker and the author of a Wide-Ons, a book of poems, and co-author of Death Row, a book about men waiting to be executed by the state of Texas.


Diane Christian
Blood Sacrifice
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