Center Working Papers

Center Working Papers are works-in-progress, archival holdings, or edited texts of interviews, lectures and symposia presented by the Center for Studies in American Culture, a unit of the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Editorial board: Howard S. Becker, Alex Bitterman, Diane Christian, David Felder and Bruce Jackson

Bruce Jackson and Diane Christian: Get the Money and Shoot: The DRI Guide to Funding Documentary Films, second edition (1986) (ISBN 0-931627-00-1), 2007

Newton Garver: Limits of Power: Some Friendly Reminders, revised edition (ISBN 13:0-931627-22-4) 2007

Bruce Jackson: On Bering Strait (0-931627-20-6) 2006

Newton Garver: Limits of Power: Some Friendly Reminders (ISBN 0-931627-17-6) 2005

Jerry L. Thompson: Coney Island (ISBN 0-931627-15-X) 2005

John Henry Schlegel: Like Crabs in a Barrel: Economy, History and Redevelopment in Buffalo
(Free e-publication. Downloadable PDF file)

Bruce Jackson: Late Friends  (ISBN 0-931627-13-3) 2005

The Buffalo Film Seminars, Series I-X Spring 2000—Spring 2005 (ISBN 0-931627-12-5) 2005

Diane Christian: Blood Sacrifice (ISBN 0-936127-08-7) 2004

The Buffalo Film Seminars (ISBN 0-931627-09-5) 2004 out of print

Koichi Suwabe: A Faulkner Bibliography (ISBN 0-931627-10-9) 2004

Dianne Hagaman: Howie Feeds Me (free e-publication) 2004

William Benzon: Chicago's Millennium Park (free web publication, jointly with Buffalo Report) 2004

 Emile de Antonio in Buffalo (ISBN 0-931627-05-2) 2003

Bruce Jackson: The Peace Bridge Chronicles (ISBN 0-931627-04-4) 2003

William M. Kunstler: Public Ethics and the Bill of Rights. Introduction by Bruno Freschi. (with UB School of Architecture and Planning) 1995 (out of print)


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