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Hubert H. Humphrey at the Macedonian Baptist Church, San Francisco, 23 May 1972

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In the 1968 presidential election, Richard M. Nixon narrowly defeated Hubert H. Humphrey, mainly because many Democrats sat the election out, punishing Humphrey for being too late in separating himself from Lyndon Johnson and the Vietnam War. Perhaps it was like those Democrats who punished Al Gore by voting for Ralph Nader or not voting at all in 2000. Both fits of pique had similar results: more people died by violence than otherwise would have, social programs at home were gutted, and the federal courts were populated with judges hostile to whatever social programs did survive. One key difference was that Humphrey was proud of the good things the Johnson administration had accomplished, while Gore was so anxious to distance himself from Bill Clinton's Monica fiasco he acted as if he'd never been anybody's vice president, so he had no record to run on. Humphrey gave the presidency another try in 1972. These photographs were taken while he was stumping for the 1972 Democratic nomination. He failed: the banner went to Senator George McGovern, who was trounced by Nixon in November.